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Publications are an opportunity for the author to bring ideas to you or talk about an aspect/phenomenon that is not popular/is new, thus you get to know new information. Authors use and various books or scholarly publications to build on a good foundation and have quality examples during their research.


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GNCC publications are results of projects realised by the network. [more]

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GERN: Mapping Stakeholder Landscapes - The influence and impact of global stakeholders.
GERN Publication

The expectations and the voice of stakeholders do have a growing influence on corporate citizenship. However, number and type of stakeholders, and their respective influence and opinions about business conduct, differ from one country to the next. That is why, the approaches firms take to... [more]


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Selected publications of GNCC - members. [more]

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Doughty Centre For Corporate Responsibility, 2013

This short report provides a brief overview of our recent work in the areas of knowledge creation and research, teaching and sharing knowledge, promoting best practice and advisory services.


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  1. Teaching Notes “Corporate Responsibility Coalitions. The past present and future of alliances for sustainable capitalism”
  2. Towards a Sustainability Mindset: How Boards Organise Oversight and Governance of Corporate Responsibility
  3. How to Identify a Company’s Major Impacts – and Manage Them
  2. Re-booting capitalism: the action agenda for business
  3. Comments- Havard Business Review
  4. Corporate Social Responsibility: Isn’t it an Environmental Paradox?
  5. The Role of Learning Organizations in the growing Discussion on Social Responisibility
  6. A Guide to Corporate Social Responsibility in China
  7. Global problems demand more urgency from business - building the enabling environment for responsible business
  8. Corporate Responsibility Champions Network: A ‘How to’ Guide
  9. The second Half : Ageing, Entrepreneurship & Sustainability
  10. Supporting Corporate Responsibility Performance Through Effective Knowledge Management
  11. The Governance of Corporate Responsibility- A Doughty Centre ‘How to’ Guide
  12. ‘Guide to Guides’: A guide to useful CR/sustainability ‘How to embed CR’ guides
  13. Stakeholder Engagement: A Road Map to Meaningful Engagement
  14. Using Internal Marketing to Engage Employees in Corporate Responsibility
  15. Corporate Responsibilities in Times of Civil Unrest: the Case of Egypt and Vodafone
  16. The Business Case for being a Responsible business
  17. Salvaging the Big Society. A ten-point plan
  18. The financial crisis—an opportunity too good to miss
  19. Social Intrapreneurs - An extra force for sustainability
  20. Building Reputation Here, There and Everywhere
  21. Integrating corporate citizenship: leading from the middle
  22. CCCDebate 07: The End of Employee Volunteering: A Necessary Step to Substantive Employee Engagement in the Community
  23. CCCDebate 05: A Helping Hand or a Hijacking? How Nonprofits Can Respond to Ever-Increasing Corporate Involvement in the Community
  24. CCCDebate 04: A new social contract - Frameworks for Corporate Citizenship
  25. Innovating from Within
  26. Capitalism that works
  27. Attitudes toward Corporate Responsibilities in Western Europe and in Central And East Europe
  28. How Virtue Creates Value for Business and Society
  29. In search of socio-economic syntheses
  30. In search of a new definition of value - An interview with David Grayson, by Katarzyna Piłat
  31. Leadership Styles of Corporate Responsibility Managers
  32. Educating for Sustainability
  33. Mapping Success in Employee Volunteering
  34. CCCDebate 03: Pragmatic Visionaries - Difference Makers as Social Entrepreneurs
  35. CCCDebate 02: Corporate Responsibility and the Media
  36. CCCDebate 01: Moving to Next Generation Corporate Citizenship
  37. Taking ethical risks to market
  38. The Methods Behind the Magic
  39. United Nations Global Compact Leading Companies Retreat Summary Report
  40. Volunteering for Impact: Best Practices in International Corporate Volunteering
  41. CCCD-Survey: Corporate Citizenship in Germany and a Transatlantic Comparison with the USA