CCCDebate 07: Th ...
Bea Boccalandro

CCCDebate 07: The End of Employee Volunteering: A Necessary Step to Substantive Employee Engagement in the Community

Employee volunteering is believed by many civic sector leaders to have the potential to dramatically strengthen our communities, mitigate humanity’s most stubborn problems and elevate civilization to new heights. Not just any employee volunteering will accomplish this feat, however. Only employee volunteering deliberately designed to efficiently draw from the strengths of its host company or – in other words – strategic volunteering, will unleash this awesome potential for good. Sadly, the formidable force for good contained within employee volunteering is largely untapped. Research finds that distressingly few employee volunteer programs are configured to effectively draw on the companies’ strengths in order to substantively support the civic sector. To maximize civic sector impact involves ending employee volunteering as we know it and shift to designing strategic employee community engagement programs. The well-being of the planet will be affected by businesses’ ability, or inability, to make this transition.

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