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Global Network for Corporate Citizenship

The Global Network for Corporate Citizenship is an international alliance of leading corporate responsibility experts and "close to market" academic centers around the world, working together to advance research, advocacy and education on the changing role of business in society and to help build the capacity of businesses worldwide for sustainable value creation. For these purposes, the Global Network for Corporate Citizenship uses a number of resources and necessarily addresses various institutions. Thus, with the request revise my paper for example https://top-papers.com/revise-my-paper-for-me/ or other sources to provide good help, we can speak for the quality of our materials .

Corporate Citizenship aspires to redesign the rights and responsibilities of companies as co-members of society and co-residents of the planet. It calls for new ways of sustainable value creation, placing at the core of corporate strategies and operations issues such as the respect and promotion of Human Rights, the respect of adequate labor standards and inclusion at the work place, the fight against climate change and environmental harm. Corporate Citizenship has zero tolerance with corruption, and presumes transparent and accountable behavior in relation with shareholders and stakeholders. It recognizes business' contribution to society through strategic community investments, but emphasizes that the main impacts of business will be through development and provision of profitable products and services designed to improve the well-being of society as well as through responsible and accountable behavior in its core operations.