CCCDebate 05: A ...
Bea Boccalandro

CCCDebate 05: A Helping Hand or a Hijacking? How Nonprofits Can Respond to Ever-Increasing Corporate Involvement in the Community

Bea Boccalandro describes how businesses have the resources for promoting social good, however, the relationship between nonprofit managers and businesses continues to be difficult. The article examines the role nonprofit managers can play in order to become accustomed to a corporate presence in order to engage businesses productively and optimize resources. Five strategies are identified which can help ensure lasting partnerships and also have the potential to truly optimize the impact on the social sector. Nonprofit managers are often reluctant to accept the help of businesses in their territory, unsure if it is ‘helping’ or ‘hijacking’ hand businesses are offering. The following research highlights the role of nonprofit managers and how, through applying the five strategies, individual actions matter and that their collective actions will likely define the future of corporate community involvement.

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