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Katarzyna Piłat David Grayson

In search of a new definition of value - An interview with David Grayson, by Katarzyna Piłat

A growing number of global management authorities claim that companies that can demonstrate an ability to create value that is important not only for its shareholders, but also from the point of view of society and natural environment, will become business leaders of the 21st century. According to David Grayson, an international expert on corporate social responsibility (CSR), companies do not have to make a choice between these two goals, and perceiving value only as a short-term profit might be even detrimental, also for shareholders. Katarzyna Piłat discusses with David Grayson about how CSR activities can bring the best advantages to the company and its shareholders.

The interview was published in Harvard Business Review Poland, Warsaw, June 16 2010.

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