CCCDebate 04: A ...
Serge Embacher, Roland Roth

CCCDebate 04: A new social contract - Frameworks for Corporate Citizenship

If only everything were so simple: government enacts and legislates the law, civil society provides for the community's well-being and solidarity and businesses take care of commercial transactions. The question is why should businesses contribute to society? Because the division of social responsibility between government, business and civil society is evolving. Serge Embacher and Roland Roth discuss these changes in the CCCDebatte 04 and highlight the developments which separate us from earlier forms of the societal division of responsibility and labour while offering new perspectives on how a New Social Contract is taking shape.  In their opinion there is not only one social contract, but rather many social contracts – in accordance with the many concrete situations in which new social contracts are being established. Participation and understanding are crucial to future development.

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