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Blog 01. September 2011 | 0 Comments

Are Companies Good Citizens?

By Bradley Googins and Philip Mirvis With the sniping and gridlock around raising the federal debt ceiling, job creation stalled, and 401ks in free fall, a question to consider is:  What does this all have to do with corporate citizenship? Amidst this turmoil, American business has mostly sat on the sidelines, or lobbied behind the scenes, but been more observer than public participant in the issues of the day. Meanwhile, corporate profits are swelling and companies rest atop piles of cash (reportedly Apple has more in reserve than the U.S. Treasury). The analysts say that business is waiting for more stability, security, and certainty before it invests its considerable reserves. That may be sound economic strategy for a company, but it is surely harmful to the country. So, what are the responsibilities of business as a good citizen when it comes to investing in the nation? Network:  Global Network for Corporate Citizenship [more]

Blog 08. August 2011 | 0 Comments

Welcome to GNCC, the Global Network for Corporate Citizenship

Welcome to the launch of the Global Network for Corporate Citizenship (GNCC). This network is intended to  link and stitch together experts and practitioners from academia, research,  companies, NGOs, politics and anyone interested in the broad issues related to corporate citizenship, corporate responsibility and sustainability from across the  globe into a global community. Network:  Global Network for Corporate Citizenship [more]

Blog 28. January 2011 | 0 Comments

Understanding Social Issues & Engaging Stakeholders: Setting Corporate Citizenship Strategy ‘Outside-In’

Phil Mirvis, academic and CSR management consultant, analyzes how leading companies shape their corporate citizenship strategy by relating and responding to society: understanding risks and opportunities, mapping "hot" social issues, engaging stakeholders. Network:  Global Network for Corporate Citizenship [more]

Blog 20. September 2009 | 0 Comments

Publication: GERN Report 2009 "Mapping Stakeholder Landscapes"

The expectations and the voice of stakeholders do have a growing influence on corporate citizenship. However, number and type of stakeholders, and their respective influence and opinions about business conduct, differ from one country to the next. That is why, the approaches firms take to corporate citizenship and the nature of it will differ as well. That is the thesis, the new GERN report “Mapping Stakeholder Landscapes” comes up with. CCCD participated in this research as a member of GERN and gave input on the stakeholder landscape concerning corporate citizenship in Germany. Network:  Global Network for Corporate Citizenship [more]

Blog 16. October 2008 | 0 Comments

Publication: GERN-Report 2008 "Corporate Citizenship Around the World"

The result of the first project is the GERN report, a compilation of voices from around the globe in recognition of how local perspectives shape concepts of corporate citizenship and how it operates in practice. The GERN report is intended to serve as a valuable guide to the business strategist or corporate citizenship director with an interest in global markets, and to help in navigating the landscape of diverse expectations around the globe. Network:  Global Network for Corporate Citizenship [more]