The Global Network for Corporate Citizenship is an international alliance of leading corporate responsibility experts and "close to market" academic centers around the world, working together

  • to advance research, advocacy and management education on the changing role of business in society and
  • to help build the capacity of businesses worldwide for sustainable value creation.

Social Innovation

Employee Engagement in Social Innovation: Collaborative Idea Management at Ericsson

By Bradley Googins and Philip Mirvis   Top companies are doing many different things to engage their employees through CSR nowadays. There has, for example, been a big... [more]

We are committed to

  • creating and sharing relevant research on corporate citizenship issues and sustainable value creation practices worldwide
  • designing and delivering educational programs that will help business implementing responsible, sustainable and responsive strategies and practices
  • developing a global understand- ing of corporate citizenship, built on local expertise and practice
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As the roles and responsibilities of business, civil society, governments and international institutions are changing, there is a need for a new social contract, including new models of cross-sector collabora- tion as well as responsible, sustainable and responsive business practices. GNCC connects experts and centers as a global community designed to motivate, empower and support companies worldwide to tap their assets and strenghts for creating sustainable value for societies and shareholders.

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